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Owned and operated by musicians for musicians, Sanctuary Studios takes great pride in providing well- maintained, and professional music gear in a clean environment with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Our goal is to ensure you have a productive and inspired rehearsal, and a place you can consider your Musical Sanctuary. With 4 hourly rooms ranging from $18-$28 (including GST), all rooms include mics, full PA, bass rig, drum kit and guitar cabs. Guitar heads, cymbals and snare are available for a low additional cost.
At 1259 Frances St in beautiful East Vancouver,


In 2010, Sanctuary Studios was created with the idea to combine our love of art, film and music. To provide the musicians of Vancouver with a unique, original and inspirational rehearsal space like nothing previously available. A 5000 sq/ft warehouse under the guise of a dimly lit mansion on a haunted hill. Strange rooms in all corners, heavily draped in gothic decor, scattered with oddities, curiosities and props from movies such as Addams Family and Tales From The Crypt. A rehearsal studio unlike any other.



Historically, a sanctuary was the holiest of holy places — a temple or church. Now, it’s a word for anywhere a person feels safe and serene. It has broadened to include anywhere people might go for tranquility or introspection. People might consider their homes a sanctuary, or a beautiful spot in a quiet woods… a place to clear your head, or seek shelter and refuge. It can also be a place to plug your Les Paul into a Marshall amp and crank it to 11 till your ears bleed!!! A place to create, and challenge the endless boundaries of musical exploration.

Sanctuary Studios


1259 Frances St


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